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Jeraldine Phneah, 25, is a young Singaporean who enjoys writing about current affairs; travel and personal development. In her day job, she is a regional Account Manager at a leading European big data and social analytics company.

Jeraldine graduated from Nanyang Technological University in 2014 where she studied journalism and public policy. She is also an alumnus of Victoria Junior College.

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EconomyEmployment and immigration issues
Environmental Issues
Personal DevelopmentCareer growth, building better relationships and deepening my understanding of our society.


  • "Jeraldine has been very helpful and highly responsive since the beginning. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude bring the energy to our discussions. When she explains something to you, you can sense that it’s beyond work… I think this kind of passion is one of her most outstanding strength.“

    Pipat Srimatayakul Director of Marketing & Research, Chuo Senko Advertising
  • “Creative lady with a global vision… A talented and enthusiastic student... Given her strong intellectual ability; eagerness to contribute and leadership potential, you will definitely be proud of having her.”

    Chen Chung-An Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University
  • “I love that Jeraldine has used her beauty queen status to do good, help others and become a community champion... Such idealism, passion and drive — she’s truly inspirational.”

    Genevieve Jiang Editor of Her World magazine
  • A shrewd, straight-talking, and data-driven individual who was never afraid to speak her mind..... What I was pleasantly surprised by was her warmth and friendliness, how open she was to share her knowledge with others....While companies would benefit from her natural business acumen and thirst for knowledge, they will enjoy her outgoing personality and her generosity as well

    Annie Teh Sponsored Content Writer, Tech-In-Asia
  • "She impressed me greatly with her diligence and conscientiousness... she is an outstanding student in many respects... innovative student who thinks out of the box… positive attitude, eager learner... highly recommend"

    Goh Ngeun Wah Adjunct Professor at Nanyang Technological University