About Jeraldine Phneah

Hello there!

My name is Jeraldine. I am a Singaporean who care about the challenges and aspirations of my generation.

To empower us, I create content around how we can all cope with the high cost of living, build rewarding careers, strive for the best for our families, and lead meaningful lives.

My Story

Like many Millennials, I was told since young that as long as we “study hard and go to university” and our adult life will be smooth sailing.

However, when I graduated, I realize that this advice is no longer as relevant. The job market, economy, and the world we live in today are just radically different from that of the previous generation.

Jobs were being displaced due to technology, there were cases of discrimination against Singaporeans in our own country; and our starting salaries have not grown as fast as our cost of living.

In my first year at work, I was miserable. I was unsure if I was on the right path and dreading to go to work daily. I was struggling to save up for important milestones in my life. I wondered if this was what the rest of my life was going to be like.

At the same time, the future seems bleak for us. During house visits, I chanced across many PMETs in their 40s who were struggling due to technological disruption and discrimination in the workplace. I vividly remember visiting a home of a man in his 40s who lost his job as his company had moved his unit abroad. He was a university graduate and had tons of valuable work experience but could not find a role after many months. He was in a stressful situation having to balance supporting his elderly parents and two younger children.

My experiences made me insecure and fearful about our generation’s future. Can we retire or will we be trapped in this rat race forever? What if we face ageism in our 40s and 50s? How can we still provide the best to our elderly parents and children?

My Vision for Us

My vision is for every hardworking Singaporean to achieve our aspirations and lead fulfilling lives. 

To empower us, I began researching on the various solutions we can take on an individual and nationl level.

I create content about how we can cope with the high cost of living; build rewarding careers; strive for the best for our families and lead a meaningful life (with better work-life balanceincreased job satisfactionprotect our environment and reduce inequality in our society).

I also push for policy changes to help Singaporeans such as mandatory eldercare leavecurbing plastic pollutionimproving income inequality, and flexible working hours.

I hope that we can all make informed decisions to secure a better future for ourselves, our loved ones, and for our society.

To serve my community, I need to understand their needs first. Through my grassroots work with The Workers’ Party, I strive to understand the challenges and frustrations we face.


In 2020, I was listed as one of the LinkedIn Top Voices and profiled by Her World magazine as part of their 60th Anniversary. In 2017, I won the Women Leading Change Award (Rising Star) by CampaignAsia.

I’ve also spoken at several events including those by DBS, Seedly Personal Finance Festival and General Assembly Singapore.

Should you wish to stay in touch, connect with me on FacebookInstagramYoutube and LinkedIn

You can email me at jeraldine(dot)phneah(at)gmail.com

Opinions expressed here are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of any organization that I am part of.

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