Hello. I am Jeraldine Phneah. I am a Singaporean tech worker and content creator.

I share ideas about how we can become the best version of ourselves in our career, finances, health and relationships.

I was listed as one of the LinkedIn Top Voices in Singapore and have also been featured on Channel News Asia; Dollars & Sense and Her World. I have also spoken at events such as the YWLC/Grab’s Future Women Leaders Forum 2022E27 Echelon Asia Summit 2023 and Endowus Wealthtech Conference 2023.

My reason for writing is because I care about the challenges and aspirations of our generation.

Growing up, I had many insecurities about myself and my future. I am not alone and there are many others like me trying to define who they want to be; become the best version of themselves and provide the best for the people they love. Through sharing my journey and ideas, I hope to provide tactical solutions to reduce these pressures for as many people as possible.

I always believe in complementing my words with actions. I have been volunteering for several years and also worked on a charity campaign for =DREAMS recently.

In my day job, I work in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) SaaS startup, helping to scale their business here in APAC. 

Outside of work and content creation, I have a wide range of interests include going to the gym; cycling; health span; reading; personal growth; finance; psychology; nature; animals; tea and eastern philosophy.

You can contact me at jeraldine(dot)phneah(at)gmail(dot)com