Hello! I am Jeraldine. I care about the challenges and aspirations of my generation such as coping with the high cost of living; navigating the issues faced in our careers; providing the best for our elderly parents and children and saving for our own retirement.

In this blog, I hope to explore solutions we can take on an individual level and as a country to tackle these issues.

A Middle Ground Perspective on Lee Kuan Yew

My original title of this post "Why I am not THAT sad about LKY's death" was really insensitive. I apologize to anyone who has been hurt by it. My intention was never to cause any unhappiness to those who love him. My intention was to raise awareness about the importance of being objective about assessing his contributions to Singapore. I feel that is important for...

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Harbin Travel Guide – An Affordable Winter Wonderland

I just returned from a trip to Harbin, China and decided to write this post to serve as a travel guide about Harbin as an amazing Winter destination. We wanted to go somewhere cold for our end of year holiday and to celebrate our one year anniversary. We spent most of our life in Singapore where it is summer all year round and never experienced...

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Horrible Stories Of Rabbit Abuse In Singapore

I started becoming interested in the topic of rabbit abuse in Singapore this year when I joined the rabbit owners community online at House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS) and Bunny Wonderland. Seeing the constant updates about rabbit abuse in Singapore on my newsfeed made me feel really unhappy, as such I decided to do something as a blogger to help raise awareness for this cause. Earlier,...

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5 Reasons Why Chinese Tourists Are So Rude

Many people around the world have a bad impression of Chinese tourists due to the way they behave when visiting foreign countries. In the past few years, these tourists have really earned a really bad reputation worldwide. You can read these articles from South China Morning Post, The Economist and the Huffington Post. Even those of Chinese descent in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan...

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5 Differences between Neighbourhood and Elite Schools in Singapore

There has been a lot of talk about how every school is a good school, regardless of whether they are neighbourhood or elite schools. For the past few years during the National Day Rally 2014, PM Lee spoke about the de-emphasis on grades and paper qualifications. I looked through some archives and realized he has been talking about this for the past few years since National...

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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Thailand’s Tiger Temples

One of the key tourist attractions in Thailand is the "Tiger Temple" where people can visit to interact with tigers. The most famous tiger attractions of all is definitely the Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua. The temple is located just a couple of hours drive outside Bangkok in the Kanchanaburi province. However, there are other popular ones including Tiger Kingdom Phuket, Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai and...

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