Environmental Issues & Animal Welfare

Millennials consider climate change to be the world's most serious issue and I am no exception. Since young, I love nature and animals. I care about being a responsible human being on this planet and am worried that we would leave behind a worse one for our future generations. In this category, I share my personal reflections on environmental issues related to conservation, plastic waste and animal welfare. I also include tips on how one can do their part for a greener future. Besides writing about environmental issues, I also help to organize the annual eco film festival. Do follow our Facebook page here.

Jeraldine Phneah

Hello. My name is Jeraldine. In this blog, I share my thoughts on bread and butter issues that affect young Singaporeans such as education, cost of living, labour issues and the elderly. I also include tips on how millennials can navigate these challenges to improve their lives.
In my day job, I work in technology. I live in a 4 room HDB flat with my husband and three pet rabbits. Learn more about me here.