Hello! I am Jeraldine. I care about the challenges and aspirations of my generation such as coping with the high cost of living; navigating the issues faced in our careers; providing the best for our elderly parents and children and saving for our own retirement.

In this blog, I hope to explore solutions we can take on an individual level and as a country to tackle these issues.

Why I have chosen to cut down on meat intake

If you have been around City Hall MRT station recently you might have noticed these advertisements by the Singapore Vegetarian Society on the train doors. This is part of their ongoing campaign to encourage other people to cut down to meat consumption.   In support of this campaign,  I am going to share on this blog why I have chosen to cut down on my...

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College Hacks And Shortcuts For The Singapore University Student

A senior's guide on the college hacks you can take to achieve more with less stress. Published on 2014. Due to my previous feature on InternSG, I regularly receive emails and messages on my Facebook asking about university-related advice such as what modules to take and questions about applying for internships. To answer several common questions I receive, I came up with this small guide on how to...

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Why Is Ong Teng Cheong One Of My Favourite Politicians?

During the Miss Singapore interview, the contestants aged 18-26 were all asked who our favourite politician was.  Almost everyone answered former MM Lee Kuan Yew with brief general reasons like "he is a great man" and "he helped Singapore a lot". I personally feel that MM Lee has made a huge contribution to society. However, it really surprised me that so many youngsters saw him as the...

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