Hello! I am Jeraldine. I care about the challenges and aspirations of my generation such as coping with the high cost of living; navigating the issues faced in our careers; providing the best for our elderly parents and children and saving for our own retirement.

In this blog, I hope to explore solutions we can take on an individual level and as a country to tackle these issues.

Why Do Singaporeans Get So Upset About MRT Breakdowns?

This article is written for those who feel that Singaporeans as 'pampered' and overreacting about the MRT breakdowns. I am a regular Singaporean who takes the MRT to and from work every day. In the past few years, there have been quite a few major train breakdowns. The first major one in December 2011. There were promises to improve things since then. However, minor train disruptions...

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Why Are There So Many Poor Elderly In Singapore?

I was pretty disappointed to read Tan Chuan Jin’s latest Facebook post on the poor elderly in Singapore who work as cardboard collectors. Quoting him: The normal perception that all cardboard collectors are people who are unable to take care of themselves financially is not really true. There will be some who do this as their main source of income. Some do so to supplement what they...

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4 Interesting Things I Learnt About Russians And Their Country

My trip to Moscow in May this year debunked many common stereotypes I’ve heard about the Russians and their wonderful country. Many Singaporeans’ impression of Russia comes entirely from Hollywood movies and western news which were often biased against them. The common shallow stereotypes of Russian people include mafia; spies; hot babes and communist.Before my visit, I did not have much understanding about Russian history...

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A Middle Ground Perspective on Lee Kuan Yew’s death

*I have changed my title of this post as I recognize the previous one could be insensitive. However, I have kept all the points in this post.  Throughout this month, there has been lots of talk about Lee Kuan Yew after he was admitted into hospital on the 5 February. On my newsfeed, I've noticed two main types of responses. One was an outpouring of emotions...

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Harbin Travel Guide – An Affordable Winter Wonderland

I just returned from a trip to Harbin, China. Not many people know much about this place except that it is really cold. Daily temperatures are about negative 15 degrees Celsius on average. As such, I decided to write this post to share about Harbin as an amazing Winter destination. Z and I decided to go to somewhere cold for our end of year holiday and...

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Horrible Stories Of Rabbit Abuse In Singapore

I started becoming interested in the topic of rabbit abuse in Singapore this year when I joined the rabbit owners community online at House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS) and Bunny Wonderland. Seeing the constant updates about rabbit abuse in Singapore on my newsfeed made me feel really unhappy, as such I decided to do something as a blogger to help raise awareness for this cause. Earlier,...

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