Hi! I’m Jeraldine. I am a young Singaporean working in the technology industry. I llive in a simple 4-room HDB flat.

I started this blog as I care about the challenges that young adults face such as affording their first HDB flat; finding good jobs; navigating the challenges of our labour market and balancing their work with other aspirations like family and travel.

I’ve gone through the same struggles as many other Singaporeans as coping with the rising cost of living and our education system. To help my peers, I’ve dedicated this blog to exploring solutions to these challenges and how we can create a better Singapore together.

Over the years, I’ve learned that social change can only be brought about when people walk the talk. In addition to blogging, I conduct weekly house visits and a monthly food distribution program for lower-income residents in Bedok.

Other than volunteering & blogging, I enjoy cooking; working out; travel; photography; scuba diving; taking care of plants and playing with my three pet rabbits.

I graduated from Nanyang Technological University where I studied journalism and public policy and am also an alumnus of Victoria Junior College.

Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or at jeraldine(dot)phneah(at)gmail.com

The views published on this blog are my own and do not reflect those of any organization which I am part of.