Jeraldine Phneah
Jeraldine Phneah, Photo taken in 2017

Jeraldine Tan (also known as Jeraldine Phneah), 26, is a wife and mother to three bunnies. In this blog, she covers bread and butter topics such as education, economy and social/family issues.

Jeraldine first started writing about current affairs when she was 22. She was concerned that many youths could not communicate well with their grandparents due to language barrier and that many elderly were marginalized in society. Thus, she joined Miss Singapore to raise awareness for her campaign to lift the ban on dialects on television.

Over the years, Jeraldine has learnt that an assertive rather than aggressive approach to blogging is the most effective means of engaging those with a different viewpoint. Rather than squabbling online, she hopes to persuade others with both reason, respect and empathy.

Jeraldine PhneahBesides speaking up on issues she cares about, Jeraldine also volunteers with weekly house visits and a monthly food distribution program for lower-income residents in Bedok.

Besides bread and butter issues, Jeraldine is also passionate about environmental issues. A nature lover since young and scuba diver, Jeraldine helped organize the Singapore Eco Film Festival 2017 to raise awareness about environmental problems among Singaporeans.

She has also written several articles calling for a reduction in plastic waste and protection for marine animals.

In her day job, Jeraldine works as a regional account manager in the technology industry. She recently won Women Leading Change Awards 2017 and was also featured on Forbes where she shared about digital analytics.

Jeraldine graduated from Nanyang Technological University where she studied journalism and public policy. She is also an alumnus of Victoria Junior College.

Jeraldine lives with her husband in a 4 room HDB flat. She enjoys cooking; photography; scuba diving; reading and wing chun.

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