Jeraldine Phneah

Jeraldine Phneah (彭嘉琳), 26, is a Singaporean who shares ideas on how young adults can achieve a better life and a better society. She mainly covers bread and butter issues such as economyeducation and transport. She also shares ideas on how Millennials can cope with the high cost of living and tough labour market.

She first started writing about sociopolitical issues when she was 22 as she joined Miss Singapore to raise awareness for her campaign to lift the ban on dialects on television. In 2015, she was also one of the top 10 finalists at the Singapore Blog Awards. She was also recognized by the National Population & Talent Division for influencing others to be well-informed voters. Jeraldine has also been featured in several other publications including Her World Magazine; The Sunday Times; Shin Min Daily and Lianhe Zaobao.

Jeraldine feels that an assertive rather than aggressive approach to blogging is the most effective means of encouraging others to consider her ideas. Instead of being too opinionated, she hopes that current affairs writers can do their best to demonstrate understanding of the other side’s perspective and to persuade others with both reason and empathy. Only with a culture of civility and openness, can we effectively engage others and encourage more to contribute to public discourse.

In her day job, Jeraldine works as a regional account manager in the technology industry. She recently won Women Leading Change Awards 2017 and was also recently featured on Forbes Magazine where she shared about digital analytics.

Outside of work, she volunteers with weekly house visits and a monthly food distribution program for lower-income residents. She is also passionate about environmental issues and is currently on the organizing committee of the Singapore Eco Film Festival 2017. She loves scuba-diving and hopes to become a certified rescue diver by 2019.

Jeraldine graduated from Nanyang Technological University where she studied journalism and public policy. She is also an alumnus of Victoria Junior College. She also enjoys photography; cooking; reading non-fiction; wing chun and taking care of her three pet rabbits.

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