Hi! I’m Jeraldine.

I care about our generation and how we can achieve meaningful careers; save for dreams and lead meaningful lives. 

Like many millennials, when I was young, I was told by society that the formula for thriving in Singapore was to “study hard, get a degree, get good job and work long hours”. 

When I graduated, I realized things were not so simple for myself and my peers. 

Our salaries have not kept up with the rising cost of living; our working hours remain long and our economy has been disrupted by digital technologies. Having a degree certainly does not guarantee a good job.

On top of that, many of us believe that a meaningful life to us is one that is beyond just money. We aspire to care better for our elderly parents and children; explore the world and to give back to our community. 

I hope that that through open discussion and sharing of information, we can all make informed strategic decisions to secure a better future for ourselves.

What I care about

Beyond sharing what an individual can do, I also push for policy changes to help Singaporeans such as eldercare leave; flexible working hours

To complement that, I try to understand the frustrations and struggles that regular Singaporeans faced through house visits and a monthly food distribution program for lower-income residents in East Coast.

I believe in environmentalism and strive to lead minimalistic lifestyle and to reduce my carbon footprint and meat intake.

Previously, I launched a petition to help reduce the isolation of our elderly by reintroducing Chinese dialects on local television and radio.

My life outside blogging

In my day job, I am a technology professional who helps businesses in Singapore with digital transformation. My goal is to help companies adapt to our 4th Industrial Revolution so that they can thrive and their workers would not risk being made redundant.

I graduated from Nanyang Technological University where I studied journalism and public policy. I am also an alumnus of Victoria Junior College.

Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or email me at jeraldine(dot)phneah(at)gmail.com